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The Pop-up and Party Canopy make excellent reception and/or cooking areas, and are lightweight and easy to use temporary shelters. The Big Top gives you the opportunity to economically build and expand your event business.

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Denver Tent has been making the highest quality tents, bed tarps and tipi’s since 1890! From first-time hunters to seasoned veterans, The Colorado Tent line of Sportsmen’s Products has what you need for your outdoor adventures.

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We specialize in manufacturing high-quality fabric items for industry, business, residential and recreational uses.We offer exceptional products, customer service, and purchase advice that will create unique outdoor events and a lifetime of great memories.

Welcome to Denver Tent Company

Your one-stop shop for all of your tenting and fabric covering needs including wall tents, range tents, event and wedding tents, tipi’s, herder tents, tarps, tent flys, awnings, pool covers, banners, party canopies, pop up tents, bags and industrial fabric coverings. We also have been manufacturing since 1940 the Arcticreel, a must for fishermen and sportsmen alike!

Denver Tent also carries a full line of tent and camp accessories including ropes, ratchets, stakes, stoves, flags and products for tent-repair, tent cleaning and fabric waterproofing. Denver Tent Company also custom fabricates tent frames and coverings for any retail, commercial or industrial application.

  • Our history with Denver Tent goes back some fifty years with the purchase of one of your camping tents…the tent is in original and excellent condition…the only thing not original are the tent stakes…certainly speaks well of the quality of a Denver Tent product after five decades of use.

    Jack R. Bol
  • The Art Miles Mural Project is proud and thankful to have had such incredible support from Denver Tent. As a major title sponsor for the Denver Mile in the Mile High City, your work made the difference and helped break the Guinness Book Of World Records for the Longest painting in the World on Earth Day 2005. By the way, we have NOT seen the quality of canvas or work done anywhere like we have from Denver Tent…

    Stella Yu, The Art Miles Mural Project
  • It was great to work with Denver Tent on our award winning 2005 CU Solar Decathlon project. The CU Team had a unique request, which was to create sails for reflecting light inside the interior of our BioS(h)ip solar home…Thanks, Denver Tent, for working with the CU Team to make our house a success!

    Julee Herdt, Faculty Advisor, 2005 CU Solar Decathlon Team
  • I wanted to let you know that we had bought one of your tents about three years ago, and it recently met its demise, not in the field, where it performed beautifully, but while in storage when it was drowned in a sewage leak. I am happy to be able to make such an easy decision to order another.

    Anne Egger, School of Earth Sciences - Stanford University
  • Wow! I love my new WeatherMax Colorado Tent. Never thought I could be so comfortable with 5 other big men in such a small space while hunting….The tent was very warm, withstood a large snow and wind storm beautifully and I was surprised to see no condensation whatsoever.  This is a great and strong product and a big thank you to Denver Tent! I will tell you again, WOW! what a great tent for hunting, that WeatherMAX material is superb!

    Mike Dilisa
  • I wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your staff. We got into a nasty storm in eastern Utah this weekend and my Denvercowboy tepee performed great. No leaks. Great job.

    Shelby Standefer
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